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Videos of  Esteban's students testimonials. Read more testimonials bellow


If you're looking to learn in Orange County from a master of salsa and other forms of latin dance then Esteban Conde is your man! He is a truly talented, inspiring, and fun instructor who welcomes every student with open arms, and makes sure you enjoy learning the right technique and continually challenge yourself to be a great dancer, even if you've never danced a single step before walking into his class.

I began taking salsa classes with Esteban in early 2012 and it was immediately clear to me as to why he has such a terrific following. Through his classes, boot camps, monthly dance socials, and his newly-formed beginning and intermediate dance teams, he has created a warm and friendly local salsa community. I certainly count myself among many people locally who have made great friends through Esteban's classes and events. He also occasionally hosts evenings with his students at Tapas, a local salsa club which is always a fun time and helps those new to dancing get their feet wet dancing in a nightclub environment.

 During each class, students have their choice of newcomer, beginner, and intermediate levels taught separately during the same class session, each level led by equally-outstanding instructors like Mike Zuniga and Eva Cadenas, who have been hand-picked by Esteban to work with his students. Classes start with a lively warm up, followed by instruction, and time for students to enjoy practicing what they've learned by dancing with one another in a non-intimidating, helpful environment. Partners aren't necessary, as students rotate throughout the class (again, great way to make friends and future dance partners!).

 Esteban wants his classes to be affordable and accessible, so he has expanded one night a week into two, and classes are inexpensive - especially considering the quality of instruction, plus, he recently started offering an unlimited membership program so students can go to all the classes, socials and boot camps they want without paying on a per-class basis.

Trust me, you will have fun, you will learn, you will meet great new people, and you will find it difficult to keep yourself from dancing at every available opportunity! (January 2013)

Simone S.

Love, love this group! super friendly, welcoming and professional guys. (September 8 2012)

Enas Abu Hammad

Mostly wonderful vibes coming from this place! Several people in the group made Yani and I feel like we had been a part of the group much longer than the actual two days that we have been affiliated with them. Thank you all for a wonderful time! We look forward to hanging out with you again, soon! Great performance, Esteban!! (July 28 2012)

Tim Dowell

This group is great. I was a little nervous my first time because I didn't know anyone and I can't dance, but it's always so much fun -- and I am learning! (April 8 2012)


Great place to learn salsa dancing. Great instructors. Already recommended to a few my friends. (March 13 2012)


To say someone “changed my life” has been highly overused in recent years. However, I can honestly make that statement about Esteban Conde. I suffer from two complicated neurological conditions, both which cause severe vertigo and loss of balance. More than 4 years of physical therapy did not improve my conditions at all. On a crazy whim, on Dec. 2010, I decided I wanted to learn Latin dancing – just without the spins and all “the complicated stuff,” because of my disability. I researched dance teachers and studios since it had to be someone special, with both the ability and the desire to take on a student like me. That is how I found Esteban Conde, not knowing that he was a well-known Salsero. Esteban accepted the challenge, mapped a blueprint of lessons for me, and most importantly, he was immensely supportive of my crazy idea and understood my frustrations. In 3 weeks, my balance had improved 100% and I was even doing half turns. After a month, I was doing spins!!...I, who had suffered from vertigo for more than 10 years, was doing spins both to the left and to the right!!!! My neurologists, both renown experts in their fields, are now studying Esteban’s methods as a possible treatment for other patients who suffer from vertigo and balance issues. Since then, I have taken private classes with Esteban in Salsa, Bachata, Rumba, Waltz and the Argentine Tango. As a veteran teacher myself, I have observed with great interest Esteban’s teaching of other students, groups, singles and couples. I wish I could quantify and package the way Esteban teaches. He is firm and exacting while extremely patient, supportive and even nurturing. His sense of humor and positive attitude is infectious, and his meticulous attention to details – whether it’s about the steps he is teaching or the student’s nervousness – is impressive and inspiring. Most importantly for me as well, is Esteban’s amazing ability to inspire trust and confidence in his students. A brilliant teacher and an exciting dancer, Esteban has helped me literally regain my health, keep my career, and become addicted to Latin dancing. I plan on studying with him for a long time to come. 

Tali Gordin

After the death of my husband, I felt all the joy was gone from my life. Eventually I began to search fro something to fill some of the emptiness I felt inside; something I always wanted to do but never had. I wanted to dance! I contacted Esteban and he was very prompt in replying to me. When I met Esteban, he made me feel so welcome, I was instantly at ease. He is so easygoing, and has a way of making a novice feel wonderful. Esteban is always fun and every lesson makes me feel so joyful. Thank you Esteban for helping me find the joy of dancing. I will never regret this choice and if you are thinking of learning to dance, this is the guy!!

Much Love, Sylvia B.

I just wanted to let you know that I went to a club last night with my friend, and all of your teaching paid off. I was dancing really good!! I was remembering everything and recognizing the moves. I felt amazing. It is the first time I have felt comfortable dancing. I danced with some really good dancers for the first time. One of the guys said he was a professional and he was also the disc jockey. He had me doing all kinds of moves I didn't know and several different types of dips. I was in shock at how effortless it seemed. And he actually enjoyed dancing with me! Go figure!! Maybe I can be a sexy salsera after all! I know I still have a lot to learn, but I got several compliments from guys that I was a reaaly good dancer! Then, as soon as I would sit down from one dance, someone else would ask me. It was crazy! It was like they had watched me dancing and thought that I was good and decided they wanted to dance with me! Before, I felt like no one wanted to dance with me after watching me dance because I would miss so many of the leads. It is completely the opposite now. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!! Thanks for being such a great teacher. I had a wonderful time last night!!!!!

Julia Miranda.

Working with and learning from Esteban continues to be a wonderful experience. The first and most surprising result is that I am now comfortable looking at myself in the mirror! I didn't even know I wasn't comfortable with my own self image. The second result is the amount of weight I lost in a short period of time. This wasn't even my primary goal, but Iʼll take it. Finally and most importantly, Esteban is a true professional who manages to combine the art and technical aspects of latin dance with an easy going manner which makes learning something to look forward to. The bonus is also that I have a friend and dance mentor for life. I can't wait to compete!

Tracy Yassini, Salsa, Cumbia, Chacha, American Rumba, Bachata, Merengue student.

Going through my divorce was not easy. I lost my self-esteem, and I got very depressed. Through dancing salsa, I was able to regain my confidence, and I met some of my greatest friends! I am forever grateful

Victor M. former Salsa student, current dance instructor.

Each exciting class leads me to great satisfaction and feeling great about myself. I did not know that Salsa is so much fun. Thank you very much Esteban.

Terri Chan, Irvine, CA.

Esteban, You are awesome! Not only are you a knowledgeable and professional dance instructor, but you know how to teach with patience. I learn so much better in a fun environment and you make learning to dance such a fun experience! Thank you for your patience and willingness to go at my pace. In these stressful times, dancing is my medecine! Thanks again Esteban, keep up the great work!

Susie Vizcarran.

I have been tutored and coached by hundreds of different instructors over the years not only in sports such as dance, marital arts, sailing, kayaking, swimming, but other endeavors as well. When I want training for whatever interest I have, I seek out someone who is not only outstanding in his field, but who also has the ability to truly teach his skills to his students. Esteban is not only an exceptional dancer, he is also an extraordinary teacher. His dance expertise both on the stage and on the social floor give him knowledge of both worlds. He is well organized and has a plan for your individual growth as a dancer, which he executes with a gentle discipline. He has the ability to quickly tune in to your mistakes and break down and explain the correct movements in various ways until you completely understand and feel them in your body. I learn so much with each and every one of his lessons. I'm continually delighted with the improvements that I see in my dancing due to his training (as well as the compliments that I receive). His enthusiasm, energy, and love of dance always make it a pleasure to take classes with him. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to REALLY learn to dance.

Laura Acocella, salsa student.

You are such a great instructor! You are patient, detailed, and fun to take a class from. You had helped me learn from the very beginning to the way I dance now. Now I go to the clubs very confident and people always compliment my dancing to be really smooth!!

Heather Sprague, Advance level salsa student

Thank you so much for making my new dance experience so delightful

R.B., salsa, cha-cha, meringue, waltz and bachata student

Thank you for being such a great Instructor

Anne Siosson, salsa, cha-cha, american rumba student

Thank you so much for your help and patience on our wedding dance. It turned out so beautiful. We enjoyed our classes with you. We love you!

Kurt and Reagan, Salsa dance choreography for wedding

You are such a great instructor and you always make my dance class a very special event every time. I always look forward for our classes. Thanks!

Monica Broch, waltz, American Tango, argentine tango, American rumba, salsa, cha cha, bachata student, pro am competitor..

We have so much fun with you and I can finally feel like I can dance with her. There was no hope with me; that's how I always felt, but you made it really fun and simple!

Clauss Molander and fiancé, Tango student.

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